Market & trading insights

Market commentary

Points of view on what matters most to the trading community

Your trading and investing environments are constantly shifting, shaped and reshaped by global financial and investment trends, evolving regulations, and technological innovation. That’s why we continuously analyze the markets to identify our clients’ most critical challenges and opportunities.

Our trading experts and quant strategists provide regular insights and commentary on what’s happening in your trading day, and the trends and issues you need to look out for.

  • Daily trading commentary
  • Sector-specific and event-driven insights
  • Index rebalance previews and reviews
  • Quarterly execution cost reporting
  • Quarterly global auction monitor
  • Monthly and quarterly market structure analysis

Execution consulting

In-depth trade performance monitoring and analysis

Today’s complex and competitive markets demand a more rigorous approach to trading performance and best execution. One that combines a mastery of market dynamics and algo behaviors with a higher level of analysis and a deep understanding of client objectives.

Our teams of technology experts, quant strategists, algo engineers, and dedicated execution consultants analyze patterns and trends in client performance to address issues and suggest opportunities to optimize execution—and to make sure that clients are getting the most out of new technology updates and product features to improve performance.