Low-latency solutions

Connect to the world’s markets through the precision infrastructure
we’ve developed to support our high-volume trading business.

We provide Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based, ultra-low latency direct market access, raw and normalized market data, and global value-added hosting services for quantitative hedge funds, high-frequency trading firms, and other clients that require fast, flexible, and robust market connections and data feeds.

Instinet's Global Fiber Network


Native Connect

  • Ultra-low latency execution in exchange native protocol
  • Solution with embedded risk management and pre-trade compliance modules
  • Multiple deployment options to suit different trading strategies

Available for

Global equities

US-listed options

FIX Gateway

  • Ultra-low latency execution in normalized FIX protocol
  • Embedded FIX engine, risk management and consolidated exchange management system

Available for

Global equities



  • Primary Exchange co-location and proximity hosting options
  • Cabinets connected to proprietary network with optical lines for lowest latency
  • Cross connect capabilities
  • Hosting at 16 co-location venues globally


  • Connects exchanges and liquidity providers for multi venue access (includes two trans-Atlantic links)
  • Custom design with point-to-point connectivity
  • Network configured to supply market data
  • 10G redundant fiber connectivity between exchanges
  • Low latency trans-Atlantic line between NY4 and LD4

Market data


  • Normalized market data
  • One global API across US and Europe


  • Raw market data for major global markets
  • Lower latency than normalized feed

LSET Vision

  • Front-end monitoring tool for all sessions, orders, and trades
  • Risk management and cut-off