Technology Solutions
Newport® for the buy side

End-to-end execution management

Take advantage of pre-trade strategy, advanced order execution management, and post-trade analysis in one integrated workflow.

Person looking at graphs on monitor
Vertical monitor with stock data

Newport lets you customize your desktop environment and toolsets to match your asset class, trading style, use of automation, and specific objectives. Leverage powerful built-in analytics and visualization tools to mix and create your own data sets and analyses to unlock new insights.


Newport provides pre-built, customizable workflows and specialized capabilities for: 

  • Cash equity/Single stock trading

  • Pairs trading

  • Futures and options

  • Portfolio execution

Tools and data to manage the full execution lifecycle

Instinet’s pre- and post-trade analytics are fully integrated into Newport EMS for an exceptional depth of support for decision making, automation, and performance monitoring.

Developed by traders, with expert, hands-on service

Newport is used by our own high volume trading desk every day, and supported by a dedicated service team of trading technology experts that understand your business and every nuance of the platform. Let them know what you want to do, and they can show you how Newport can expand your trading horizons.