Liquidity & Crossing

More ways to connect to quality liquidity, wherever you trade.

We connect our clients to a large volume of global, high quality liquidity, including significant unique liquidity sourced from our diverse and deep institutional client base through our portfolio trading desk and commission management platform. 


Optimize capture. Minimize impact.

BlockCross is a global conditional order management platform that gives traders the visibility, opportunity, and control they need to capture blocks efficiently, and with minimal impact, in one easy-to-use and configure application.




We’ve developed a suite of liquidity venues across regions that provide our  
clients with opportunities for different crossing experiences—each engineered  
for particular objectives, strategies, and order types.



Provides a unique anonymous crossing model with access to RFQ and conditional orders.

BlockCross US ATS

Provides natural liquidity from a wide range of buy- and sell-side counterparties.


Provides a limit order book with price-time priority matching.

ICX® Canada

Provides a VWAP cross and a low latency continuous limit order book.