Agency clearing & settlement

Straight-through, direct-to-depository solutions 
to help you increase efficiency and lower costs.

We know that every client’s post-trade challenges and objectives are specific. So our agency clearing and settlement solutions are always tailored to your specific requirements, and designed to replicate services from existing providers to make transitions simple and seamless. 

Instinet offers unbundled clearing and settlement as a General Clearing Member in EMEA markets and direct broker-dealer settlement connections and services in the US market. These services can be provided as standalone or outsourced solutions, and in conjunction with Instinet Execution Services and Technology Solutions.

A more efficient, flexible, and tailored workflow

EMEA & APAC Market Solutions

For firms looking to benefit from diversified prime broker relationships or looking to broaden their access and choice, or clients that trade with multiple brokers that want 
to consolidate and optimize their back end workflows, Instinet offers an innovative, market-leading clearing and settlement model

Features & benefits


Instinet is a direct member of the main Clearing Houses (CCs) and Central Securities Depositories (CSD) in the UK, Europe and APAC.

Service options

  • Single or multiple clearing house options with Instinet acting as General Clearing Member, Margin Payment Bank, or Settlement Agent
  • Ability to provide access to Central Bank Funds required for margin payments to the primary clearing houses


Instinet streamlines settlement by recording the transfer of shares in-house and connecting directly to the central security depositories (CSD).

Account options

  • Omnibus or segregated account settlement
  • CSD account sponsorship and CSD account operator model with post-trade messaging and routing hub functionality
  • Central Bank Funds for intra day T2S liquidity and Crest Cap facilities

US Market Solutions

Instinet offers broker-dealers the opportunity to benefit from efficient and cost effective clearing and settlement within the existing Instinet clearing business in the US. We maintain Qualified Special Representative (QSR) agreements with nearly all of the large firms on the Street.

Features & benefits
  • Real-time processing of incoming executions via file upload, FIX, or custom formatting
  • Immediate lock-in of trades to NSCC for clearance
  • Intraday monitoring of message flow and break management
  • End-of-day or intraday reconciliation to confirm all trades are processing in real time
  • Robust in-house clearing technology to process real-time messages 24/6
  • Expert technical and support staff on site in New York