Sourcing and aggregating different types of liquidity, while minimizing the risks of information leakage, is a fundamental role of a broker—and the key to better and more consistent execution quality.

With that objective in mind, Instinet has launched BlockMatch venues in several regions around the world. BlockMatch liquidity venues provide our clients with varied, unique opportunities for different trading experiences—each engineered for particular objectives, strategies, and order types.

Best Execution

Opportunities for larger size.
Lower implicit cost. Less impact.
Manage market impact.
Dark non-display functionality with the ability to apply minimum quantity can help reduce information leakage.
Access diverse natural liquidity.
Trade with natural liquidity from a wide spectrum of buy-side and sell-side counterparties, and access liquidity opportunities from Instinet’s diverse institutional client base.
Integrate seamlessly into your workflow.
Access BlockMatch via Instinet’s suite of products, including algorithmic trading strategies, Newport® EMS, FIX, or as a destination from other members.
Manage opportunity cost.
Instead of resting large orders in one venue, use conditional orders so that available trading opportunities are discovered as the parent order is being worked.
Take advantage of size priority.
BlockMatch uses different matching priorities across jurisdictions, which means large-sized orders can receive better queue positions.
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