BlockCross US ATS

Match orders with a wide array of buy- and sell-side counterparties on a continuous, time-priority basis.


Diverse natural liquidity

BlockCross US ATS provides opportunities to cross with a deep and diverse pool of natural liquidity, including unique liquidity from Instinet's diverse and deep base of institutional clients from our portfolio trading, commission management, and Wolfe Research.

BlockCross front-end application

Users who access BlockCross US ATS from the BlockCross desktop application can integrate their blotter, use conditional order types, and access a menu of configurable controls to manage orders and confirm or respond to auto-ex opportunities and Indication of Interest (IOIs).

Flexible access

Access BlockCross US ATS from the BlockCross desktop application, by integration with leading OMS/EMS providers, through Instinet's suite of advanced algorithmic strategies, or via a direct FIX connection.


Trading hoursOrder typesAvailable securitiesSettlement
2:00 AM – 4:00 PM ESTThe venue supports Market, Limit, and Pegged orders. Orders may be designated Day or IOC. Conditional order types and IOIs are available to users who access the ATS through the BlockCross front-end application.All NMS Stocks are eligible for trading on BlockCross US ATS.T+2 by Instinet, LLC