Trading Services

Instinet Execution Experts
Global, event-driven, multi-asset trading strategies

The Experts offer a core set of strategies to address nearly every trading objective, with extensive controls to refine behavior.


  • Extensive market connectivity with access to most exchanges, alternative and dark liquidity sources
  • Broad and consistent suite of global strategies
  • Custom algorithms assembled using the Experts' library of sophisticated tactics
  • Support for non-equity asset classes


  • Advanced liquidity and price discovery techniques deployed in a risk-controlled strategy framework
  • Proprietary analytics and alerts inform event-driven rather than schedule-driven strategies
  • Adapted to the latest market structure research and regulations through continuously enhanced underlying tactics
  • Historical volume profiles reflect "special" trading days such as the US Federal Reserve's FOMC announcement, options expiry and month-end


  • Flexible access to the Experts suite of algorithms from Instinet's award-winning EMS platforms, over direct FIX connections or through third-party OMS and EMS platforms
  • Refine strategy behavior and execution style using the Experts' extensive control set
  • Minimize user errors with robust strategy validation and alerting tools
  • Monitor execution performance with Instinet's real-time visualization tools

Experts Strategies

Benchmark Strategies

Execution Experts benchmark strategies maintain an optimal trading trajectory to balance market impact and benchmark risk.

  • VWAP targets the volume-weighted average price
  • TWAP distributes trades evenly across the trade horizon
  • IS balances impact and dispersion from the arrival price
  • TargetOpen balances impact and dispersion while trading during the opening auction
  • TargetClose balances impact and dispersion while trading into and during the closing auction
  • Auction automates access to market auctions
  • TEN blends benchmark strategies

Participation Strategies

Execution Experts participation strategies trade at a targeted percentage of the market volume over the specified trading horizon.

  • PART targets the specified percentage of market volume
  • DynaPART adjusts target rate in response to price moves
  • StepPART adjusts target rate within distinct price bands

Liquidity-Driven Strategies

Execution Experts liquidity-driven strategies trade adaptively, dynamically adjusting tactics based on real-time market data and analytical feedback.

  • Nighthawk® intelligently aggregates dark-liquidity sources
  • Cobra seeks liquidity with minimal signalling risk
  • WORK™ dynamically adjusts tactics to market conditions
  • MAKE™ provides passive liquidity over time
  • BlockPeg® combines passive liquidity provision with block-seeking behavior

Pairs Strategy

Execution Experts Pairs strategy realizes the desired spread on a pair of equities for merger arbitrage, relative value and statistical pairs trading.

Execution Experts' Supported Markets

BrazilChileUnited States
Czech RepublicIrelandSouth Africa
GermanyNorwayUnited Kingdom
Hong KongIndonesiaSingapore
JapanMalaysiaTaiwan, Republic of
Korea, Republic ofNew ZealandThailand